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My house Here's a series of photos showing the renovation of my house from start to finish over about 6 months.
Down on the farm Some photos taken of three projects we were asked to do on a farm near Lyneham.
A neighbour's project I was asked to demolish an existing single-skinned extension and build a new one on the same footings. It was only three doors away from my house so naturally fry-ups for breakfast!
Joinery stuff Now and again I get asked to produce special items of joinery which I've generally done in my workshop. I've also produced things of my own design which I've sold through shops.
Tom's garage conversion I was asked to convert a garage into a downstairs lounge for the son of a friend of mine who lives in Swindon with his wife. They were expecting their first child so we needed to get a move on!
Velux windows I was asked to add a couple of Velux windows to this barn conversion and here's what we did. I also made some oak doors which you can see in the 'Joinery stuff' section.
Occasionally I get called out to repair an item rather than completely replace it. It often works out cheaper that way if the damage isn't too severe.
The motorcycle This is my bike. I started building it last century. It's a TriBSA, that's a BSA frame with a Triumph 650 engine. The front wheel hub is from a Triumph T120 and I've put a 21" rim and tyre on it, the exhaust was custom made for me, the fuel tank is a customised sportster tank painted, as is the frame in Porsche black with a metal flake in it. The single seat is sprung, the back wheel is 16" with a 5.00 x 16 tyre on it. There's no rear suspension other than the seat springs and the tyre and sometimes it hurts! The electrics are 6 volt and I'm running a gel-type battery which won't leak should the worst happen. The headlight is an old Bates-style affair and the rear light is a custom fitting. I extended the foot pegs for a more comfortable ride and added the ape-hangers just to be outrageous!
Campervan Now we're talking! This has become a real passion for me and I apologise to all who know me if I've bored you stupid with it. I really enjoyed the whole process though from start to finish, the bonus being able to drive it off to see some fantastic places and meet some great people. What's not to like! I've not uploaded every picture I took so you're somewhat spared but I hope you like what I achieved anyway. Thanks for looking.
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