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The motorcycle
This is my bike. I started building it last century. It's a TriBSA, that's a BSA frame with a Triumph 650 engine. The front wheel hub is from a Triumph T120 and I've put a 21" rim and tyre on it, the exhaust was custom made for me, the fuel tank is a customised sportster tank painted, as is the frame in Porsche black with a metal flake in it. The single seat is sprung, the back wheel is 16" with a 5.00 x 16 tyre on it. There's no rear suspension other than the seat springs and the tyre and sometimes it hurts! The electrics are 6 volt and I'm running a gel-type battery which won't leak should the worst happen. The headlight is an old Bates-style affair and the rear light is a custom fitting. I extended the foot pegs for a more comfortable ride and added the ape-hangers just to be outrageous!
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